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Session 4:1 Sales (1)

The sales page allows a user make sales of the products created on the manage products page. Users can make cash and credit sales;

1. Click on sales

2. Click on new sale located at the top of the page

3. Click on "new sale" located at the mid-right of the page( Click yes on the dialog box that pops-up)

4. click on the product you want to sell, verify the quantity and rate, click on "Add Item" ( you can add multiple items in an order)

5. Click on "POS receipt" to generate a receipt of sale (this is optional)

6. Click on "New Sale" to add a new order.

Making a Credit Sale;

1. Click on "New Sale"

2. Change "Billing Type" to credit

3. Pick the customers name

4. Select items you wish to sell and "Add Item"

5. Verify quantity and rate of the item

6. Click on "POS Receipt" enter the deposit payment and click on ok.( a receipt will be generated showing deposit and balance)

Note: Making a credit sale must be to a customer.


1.Users must be able to make 5 cash 2. Users must be able to make 5 credit


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