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Session 5: Customers

The customers page helps you manage all transactions carried out with your customers.

How To Create a Customer;

1. Click on customers

2. Click on add new

3. Enter Details

4. Click on save data

How To Add Payments

1. Click on customers

2. Click on the customers name who wish to add payments

3. Click on payments

4. Enter the date of the payment, amount, method, transaction ID, receiver of the money and Narration

5. Click on Add New when all the necessary fields have been entered

How To Do A Customer Refund

1. Click on customers

2. Click on Customer Refund

3. Enter the date and amount you wish to refund to the customer

4. Click on Add New to save.

How To Do A Product Return

1. Click on customers

2. Click on Product returns

3. Enter date, pick the product you wish to return, put the quantity you wish to return and tick "include monetary value" to add the value of the items

4. Click on Add New to save

Note: Customers are people who often patronize your outlet and you feel the need to keep their records either because they may wish to be buy in credit or just for records purposes. "Payments" are done when the customer is off setting a debt or is making an advance payment for products yet to be collected. Customer refunds are made in any circumstance whereby money is to be refunded to a particular customer. Product Returns are done when items being sold are returned and you will wish to add it back to stock. Records are tied to each customers.


1. Create 10 customers 2. Make Sales using of the customers 3. Make payments for each of the customers 4. Do a cash refund for 2 customers 5. Do a product return for 3 customers


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